Rod Dunican is an accomplished senior executive, trainer, and coach, whose entire career has been centered on delivering exceptional results with a positive, “can do” attitude. Experience has taught Rod that business is personal and often uses the workplace as a starting point to coach individuals at all levels. To help individuals and organizations thrive, Rod brings more than 25 years in business and management as well as a lifetime of curiosity to every program he facilitates.

Rod has served in leadership positions throughout his career: Director of Project Management (e-learning), Director of Operations & Creative Services (marketing), Chief Operating Officer (technology), Senior Director of Technology People and Leadership (salesforce.com). He is the former Director of Global Education for the Wikimedia Foundation (the non-profit that supports Wikipedia).

Rod has designed, developed and facilitated workshops on management and leadership; presentation skills; train-the-trainer; software; employee engagement and customer experience. He’s engaged audiences worldwide with his unique sense of wonder, imagination, and curiosity.

Now sit back and enjoy, Rod’s low-key, interactive and fun approach to the insanity of work, life and learning.








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