Facilitation and Coaching

Facilitating Workshops and Meetings, Interviews, Focus Groups, Leadership Feedback and Action Planning sessions, 1:1 and small group coaching sessions

What people are saying:

“Rod is a dynamic individual with extensive experience and broad expertise. Rodney joined Varsity Technologies as COO at a time when the company was going through a lot of organizational change. I knew I needed someone to work with me at a strategic level but the organization needed someone who could work with the staff on more practical day-to-day issues. Rod is one of those rare individuals that can operate at many different levels of the organization. He is also able to navigate the most difficult situations with ease and lightness.”

                                    — President and CEO, Technology Company


“Thanks for all your help; can you continue to coach us?”

                                                                               –General Manager, Toyota Dealer

“That was so much more than I expected. Thank you!”

                                                                               –General Manager, Cadillac Dealer

“My team wants to work with you again!”

                                                                               –Executive Director, Non-profit

“Rodney gave me tools to better understand my audience.

He also helped me to structure my presentation and keep the focus on the topic.

                                                                               —Communication and Outreach Project Manager

                                                                               –Executive Director, Non-profit


“This was the best and most productive management offsite we’ve ever had. Thank you!

                                                                               –Director of Operations

“Rod was a super helpful coach who is great at not only offering critique in clear and a comfortable way, but also at focusing on core areas for improvement, isolating key practices, and giving concrete strategies which could be applied immediately.”

                                                                               –Senior Strategist, Wikimedia Foundation

“Is there anything Rod Dunican can’t do…From management consulting to learning strategy to project management to professional coaching to training delivery. He has an insightful grasp of the big picture AND a mastery of the tiny details, all the while making it look easy. He’s a pleasure to work with.”

                                                                               — Senior Consultant, Chevron

“With Rod’s coaching, I was able to translate the core substance of complicated subject matter into engaging presentations which inspired immediate community leader engagement as well as continued actions as participants apply the content to their work back home. “

                                                                        Senior Strategist, Program Capacity & Learning Team