Geek>Speak: Sharing Your Inner Expert

A lot of presentation skills classes are primarily designed for sales teams. But what about the engineering, technical and operations teams? How do they get better at sharing their expertise with each other, management, and lay people?

Geek>Speak: Sharing Your Inner Expert was designed for people who need to present their work and ideas effectively in a variety of setting—from Daily Stand Ups to spontaneous hallway conversations to company meetings and conference presentations.

Research tells us that knowledge sharing increases innovation and productivity, allows individuals and organizations to leverage expertise effectively, and serves to make the entire organization more fluent in specific topics. Sharing expertise helps to establish oneself as a thought-leader and the “go-to” person for key information.

During the Geek>Speak program, we’ll share ideas and provide plenty of engaging, relevant, hands-on activities that will help you become more effective at sharing your knowledge/expertise. Geek>Speak’s interactive collaborative approach draws upon the wealth of experience of every participant to:

  • Learn from and support each other
  • Discuss, present, and give feedback on a variety of topics
  • Provide an opportunity to develop a strong professional network of peers—all learning to share what they know

Learning to share your inner expert is a journey and takes practice. We’ll do it together.

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