Are your slides killing your Audience?

Remember the last time you experienced “Death by PowerPoint?” — bombarded with bullet points, followed by bullet points, and then more bullet points? And each slide looked exactly like the last? Snore.

To avoid PPT death many speakers add clip art and stock photos. These can take hours to find only to have your audience experience Deja vu. They feel like they’ve seen the images on your slides somewhere else before. Maybe the last presenter? Maybe he or she used the same images to illustrate the opposite point
of view?b

Don’t get rid of your slides yet.

What if there was an easy way to produce your own unique graphics, backgrounds, and photos that would enhance slides, illustrate your point and bring your audience back to life?


Well, you can–even if you don’t think you can draw a straight line

This program will give you the tools, strategies, and techniques to combat one of the biggest fears all speakers, trainers, and audiences have A slow painful death by PowerPoint.


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