What People Say…


What People Say…

“Rod did an amazing job. He had the group very engaged
and interactive!”

– BMW Area Manager

“I’m gonna recommend your training to my other BMW people!”

– BMW Area Manager

“…relevant, engaging and fun! I walked away with actual things I can use TODAY!”

                                                                               – Event participant

“I continue to get positive feedback about your presentation—especially the effectiveness of your audience engagement.”

                                                                               – ATD SF East Bay, President


“Snacks would be good :).  Otherwise, it was perfect.  First training I haven’t almost fallen asleep in :)

 – BMW Client Advisor
    *Customer Experience training


“What a great experience.”

                                                                               – BMW Service Advisor
                                                                                  *Customer Experience training


“That was exceptional! Thank you.”

 – BMW General Manager
    *Customer Experience training


“Great time!”

                                                                              – Manager, Non-profit Management Offsite

“Good learning experience”

                                                                             – BMW Genius   


                                                                              – Manager, Non-profit Management

“Rod’s presentation was excellent.”

                                                                       – ATD SF East Bay, Event Participant

“Great! Rod is a wonderful speaker!”

                                                                   – Class Participant

“That was an amazing presentation.”

                                                                   – Class Participant


Rod was great! 

“Rod did a great job. Not sure anything else that he could have added. He was great and a good learning experience for us.”

                                                                             — BMW General Manager
                                                                                *Customer Experience training

“It was more an I expected from the experience.
Very, very satisfying.”

                                                                             — BMW General Manager
                                                                                *Customer Experience training

“Rod thank you. This was the funnest training I’ve had”

– BMW Service Advisor


“Wow. Very Interactive. Very fun.”

                                                                               – Event participant

“That was fantastic! I just let my team know that we need to book you for as many locations as we can get you.”

                                                                               –VP Marketing Operations, Fresenius Kidney Care Centers


“Thanks for all your help; can you continue to coach us?”

                                                                               –General Manager, Toyota Dealer


“That was so much more than I expected. Thank you!”

                                                                               –General Manager, Cadillac Dealer


“My team wants to work with you again!”

                                                                               – Executive Director, Non-profit

“Rodney gave me tools to better understand my audience. He also helped me to structure my presentation and keep the focus on the topic.”

                                                                  —Communication and Outreach Project Manager

                                                                               –Executive Director, Non-profit


“This was the best and most productive management offsite
we’ve ever had. Thank you!

                                                                               –Director of Operations



                                                                               –Flight Attendant, Delta Airlines



“They should hire you to help EVERYONE present better.”

                                                                               –Jaime, Wikimedia Foundation



“Rodney was terrific — Really engaged and related to the audience.

10 out of 10

                                                                               –Speaker, National Speakers Association 

“Rod was a super helpful coach, offering critique in a clear and comfortable way, focusing on core areas for improvement, isolating key practices, and giving concrete strategies which could be applied immediately.”

Senior Strategist, Wikimedia Foundation


“Rod’s GeekSpeak presentation was full of great ideas; easy to use.”

                                                                               –Speaker, National Speakers Association


“Rod Dunican is the one I came to hear.

                                                                               –Speaker, National Speakers Association 

“Wow! I should be getting teaching credits for this.
I’ve learned so much and I can’t believe
they are paying me to hear you speak.”

                                                                                       – Instructor, Diablo Valley College


“Loved the new thinking; GeekSpeak was great!”

                                                                               –Speaker, National Speakers Association 



“Great Class.
It never really felt like a class
— just a great learning experience.”

                                                                               –Sr. Trainer, LifeScan, Inc


“I cannot say Thank You enough for what you brought to our ‘’Train the Trainer’ program. Your experiences and perspective really made the difference in our ability to effectively train the organization on a drastically new process.”

                                                                                –Sr. Project Lead, LifeScan, Inc.


                                                                               –National Speakers Association 


“Most training is one directional – you made it engaging and fun.
We had a chance to learn the material from multiple perspectives.”  

                                                                               –New Trainer, LifeScan, Inc.



                                                                               –National Speakers Association, Northern California

“With Rod’s coaching I was able to translate the core substance of complicated subject matter into engaging presentations which inspired immediate community leader engagement as well as continued actions as participants apply the content to their work back home. “

Senior Strategist, Program Capacity & Learning Team


“I can honestly say that Rodney is at the top of the list of outstanding individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with…both from a professional and a personal standpoint.”

                                                                    –Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales


“Geek Speak Moment (heart)!”

                                                                               –Speaker, National Speakers Association 

“Learning is more fun with an enthusiastic
and knowledgeable instructor. Thank you.”

                                                                               –Learner, Chevron Corporation



                                                                               –National Speakers Association, Northern California




“Thank you!…

…You’ve managed to pull together a terrific curriculum with many deliverables in spite of a very fluid project! Thank you for your attention to quality and perseverance throughout. We have enjoyed working with you and look forward to your return!”

                                –Worldwide Sales Support Ops Training Lead, Cisco Systems


Rod ensured that our corporate offsite was a highly effective,
creative, and fun experience.

                                                                                 –Director of Human Resources


“Rod went for it with quick, usable tips; it was fun!”

                                                                               –National Speakers Association, Northern California


Rodney is a dynamic individual with extensive experience and broad expertise. He is one of those rare individuals that can operate at many different levels of the organization. He is also able to navigate the most difficult situations with ease and lightness.”

                                                                        — President and CEO


“He’s fun to work with and gets things done!”

                                                                        –Director of Managed Services


“I would work with Rod again…in a heart beat.”

                                                               —Senior Director of Learning Solutions


“I really liked the Geek Speak session. Wow!”

                                                                               –National Speakers Association 


“Rodney is a star!!!”

                                                                   –Director Accelerated Change Management


“Rodney is easy to work with and possesses
the courage to say what needs to be said!”

                                                –Senior Learning, Management and Performance Consultant



 “Rodney is bright, thoughtful and has a great sense of humor.
I would definitely work with him again.”

                                                                        –Director of Project Management


“Rod presented fun, easy-to-use tips! So fun.”

                                                                               –National Speakers Association, Northern California


“I want to personally recognize the excellent work that Rod did while working with JD Power and GM. He went into a very difficult situation and using a combination of facilitation skills, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills and business skills turned this situation from red to green.”

                                                                              –Vice President of Sales


Is there anything Rodney Dunican can’t do?…

…From management consulting to learning strategy to project management to professional coaching to training delivery. He has an insightful grasp of the big picture AND a mastery of the tiny details, all the while making it look easy. He’s a pleasure to work with.”

                                                  — Senior Learning and Development Consultant


 “Rod, I appreciate your low-key approach
to our insanity! :-) ”

                                                                 – Director of Project Management